Tina on June 22, 2013

A makeup artist will always appreciate a tip and it is definitely appropriate in most situations. So yes, yes you should, especially if you are satisfied with your service. And if they come to you, that makes it a convenient service. You tip your nail technician and hair stylist, don’t you?

Please keep in mind that this is a service you are receiving. Being a makeup artist is not as easy as one may think. There is a lot of cleaning, prepping, traveling and lugging equipment behind the scenes.

I hope this helps answer your question about tipping makeup artists. (= The next time you are satisfied with any service– wether it’d be your server, cab driver, makeup artist, etc please know that a tip is greatly appreciated.

[I was asked this question by several individuals and thought this would be great to address, simply because some people just do not know any better. Some people have never gotten their makeup done or even their nails or hair done professionally so it’s unknown to them. Hope this helps]

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